Get your baby’s sleep schedule analysed and receive a detailed video report to improve their sleep!

  • This is for you if you’re confused and have no idea if your baby is on the right schedule, you see nap refusalsplit nights (where your baby is awake for more than an hour in the middle of the night happily playing), early rising, or super late bedtime and you’d like to get to the bottom of it to rectify the situation.
  • This is for moms and dads who want to know what action steps to take to improve your baby’s sleep overall so that they can take long restorative naps, falls asleep quickly at bedtime and stays asleep for the most part of the night.
  • This is also for parents who have babies on the verge of transitioning from 3 to 2 naps and 2 to 1 nap routine. How to know if they are ready or not?

What you’ll get by me doing that sleep log analysis for you is to get clarity on the amount of naps your baby should be taking, the ideal timings based on the wake windows and the ideal bedtime so that your baby is not overtired.

Overtiredness causes super cranky baby, frequent night wakings, split nights and early rising!


1. A 5-minute recording of me, going through your sleep log with a minimum of three days of data, in a private video that I send directly to you.

2. Once you get your recording, you can post your questions or feedback inside my free community and I’ll take your questions to answer them in the weekly live Q&A sessions.


1. Click “Add to cart” & complete purchase

2. Watch your inbox for email subject “Personalized Sleep Log Analysis: Your Next Step” and fill out the sleep log template attached with your baby’s sleep info.

NOTE: If you don’t see this email within 15 minutes after purchase, please check your spam/Updates/Promotions folder. If you still don’t have it, please email to for support.

3. Once the template has been submitted, I will review and complete your baby’s sleep log analysis and send you the video within 48 hours (2 working days) upon receiving the minimum 3 days of sleep log data.

Note: Please submit all details for the sleep log analysis within 7 days of payment or the fee will be void.

This is not a substitute for a consultation.

Get your baby’s personalised sleep log analysis now!

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