Claim Your Night Sleep And Achieve Your Family Sleep Goals

Without Leaving Your Baby To Cry It Out Alone To Sleep With Sarah Ong’s Rhythm Of Sleep Method.

The accumulated stress and frustration resulting from sleep deprivation feels overwhelming, doesn’t it?

I hear you. I feel you.

  • You know you should do something to help your baby sleep better but you have no clue where to begin.
  • You seek answers on Google and you keep getting conflicting advices.
  • You will not subject your baby to the cry-it-out approach.
  • You know deep down inside your mama gut that there HAS to be a more gentle approach.
  • You want someone to just tell you the right way so that you can stay focused on the result.

What if you could...

…finally relax, have grown-up conversations and watch Netflix without constant interruption 🙂 

… spend more time with your older children and minimise your mama-guilt.

…have more energy and focus to be productive for the next day.

…get a little bit more Me-time for yourself.

…have peace of mind to spend your evenings without worrying your baby would wake up again in the next hour.

…reclaim your own sleep.

Here's what you'll get

Together, we will craft the ideal sleep schedule appropriate for your child that fits your family’s lifestyle, so that you can almost predict nap times and bedtime, and your child falls asleep fast!

I’ll guide you step by step on how to get rid off undesirable or unsustainable sleep crutches such as nursing, rocking, bottle feeding, or excessive patting gradually and respectfully so that they go to bed feeling confident in their ability to get comfortable and fall asleep on their own.

I’ll show you how you can reduce the number of night wakings to only proper feeding times so that your baby’s sleep is minimally interrupted.

You get to apply the practical tools in your parenting that will result in all around healthy, secure, competent and confident child.



“On the second night Dachelle put herself to sleep in 20 mins, and gradually within about 8mins she will sleep by herself now. My husband and I are amazed by Sarah’s method, and still can’t believe we can achieve it. All we did was just follow Sarah’s method and voila, baby is sleeping by herself with minimum fuss. Now, I have lots of extra time to do my own things and most importantly I get to spend time with my 5 year old son.”

Yin Fei, mom to Dachelle 4 months old

To know more about my Rhythm Of Sleep method and how it would work for your baby, feel free to book for an initial consultation (free)

Find out if my approach is the right one for you before you engage my services. 

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

still need to talk to me to find out more?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you work with?
I work with babies as early as 3 months old all the way up to 4 years old.

Do you offer any payment plans?
Yes I do! 2 monthly payment option; US$200 now and US$197 30 days later.

What is the success rate of your program?
After doing this for almost a decade, I can safely say that my success rate is 90%. What happened to the other 10%?

I’ll be frank with you. Most of the time it’s because the parent expect a quick fix solution without putting in the work with their baby. I can say that though it doesn’t feel this way right now, most baby sleep problems are very common and I have found an approach that solves most sleep issues. Of course, if there is a medical issue which might surface through the program, I’ll refund your money and ask you to attend to that first and foremost.
Is this the cry it out approach?
If you’re referring to putting your baby down in a cot, leaving your baby for a few minutes, coming back to give reassurance and then leaving them again for a few minutes to “cry it out” to sleep, then no. My approach has none of that.

However, I don’t guarantee no cry either as this approach is unrealistic because babies cry to communicate with us.
What I do is I help you figure out the best sleep schedule for your child so that when it comes to changing how they sleep, the crying is minimized. I believe in the gradual and respectful approach and take it one step at a time to avoid overwhelm.

What if it doesn’t work for my baby?
It’s my job to show up for you 100% and offer you a solution to your biggest baby sleep problem. It won’t work if you don’t do the work. I can’t do the work for you.

no more second guessing.

Your child feels connected, comforted and close to you.

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